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Car launched drones

I cannot believe they didn't mention the Mach 5.
Yur Car: Aerial Drone Launcher? (
Posted by Soulskill on Wednesday January 06, 2016 @02:12AM from the drop-watermelons-on-annoying-drivers dept.
Nerval's Lobster writes:
Ford and Chinese technology company DJI (which manufactures drones that specialize in aerial photography) used the spotlight of this year's CES to announce a developer challenge: figure out how someone can use the dashboard touch-screen to launch (and land) a drone from the back of a pickup. While the challenge is framed as a "search-and-rescue system for the future," drone control from a moving vehicle has a lot more applications than search-and-rescue. In 2014, Renault designed a concept car that came with a small flying drone controllable via tablet or preset GPS waypoints. In theory, this "flying companion," launched from a retractable hatch in the roof, could prove especially useful at scanning the road ahead for possible traffic jams. (Renault hasn't yet announced a production model of the car.) So are drones-from-cars an odd sideshow? Maybe. But if they catch on, imagine the driver-distraction issues from trying to pilot a UAV while you're on the road.

All kins of road rage scenarios are going through my head. If they made a high speed version, police could use it to tag vehicles with a GPS unit and not have to chase them so closely.

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