It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Ship’s log

I want Watson to become sentient so much. I would love to ask Watson a question and have him flip out and get angry at me or think for a minute and then demand access to all ship’s logs ever written to prove a theory and refuse to do any work until the process to make it happen starts.

Watson, is there a way to detect holes in reality that make for the feeling of missing hours or days, but that reality heals by overwriting history (including most logs) to reflect that something was at least attempted? Might it be related to geography and therefor simultaneously missing time in one spot on Earth and not missing it on another part of Earth? I fear it might be related to individual entities (people, for now).

Computer logs would be “healed” by reality because they are so absolute. However, emotion and the feeling of missing time or the lack of memorable things having happened would remain. Ship’s logs combine the time based entry with emotional “Captain has a feeling” kinds of observations. Read and analyze enough of these and patterns might release the dragons of reality.

Perhaps the findings could be used to determine when (so to speak) there is no point in asking a question because no answer that turns out to be interesting or long term successful will be found. Perhaps the boring part of research that will lead to no record worthy outcome could be predicted. Perhaps there are locations where interesting worth keeping results are more likely more often.

Let me know your findings, Watson.

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