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Problems with Chrome/Chromium browser

I’ve been having issues with Chrome browser lately. It appears the issues are across the open source browser as well.

  • Endless scrolling down.
    As you scroll down past the end of the content, you can just keep scrolling for a very long time. This is the sort of issue you find that fixes some other larger issue. The same  happens to the right. This is a surprisingly big pain in the ass.
  • Some pages loose their top.
    Some pages loose the ability to scroll all the way back up. When I’m on Blogger and I try to schedule a post, it won’t let me go back to the top of the page after setting a time. I have to reload the page and thus lose my schedule setting.
  • Scripting issues
    • Some pages just hang, causing a need to kill all browsers.
    • Bits of some pages are just missing.
  • Media issues. (might be part of script issues)
    • Playback inexplicably stops.
    • If you move the slide bar, you might not get it to continue play at all.

Issues I have with Firefox
  • No “duplicate tab” I didn’t realize how often I use this function.
  • Shitty (Really shitty) high contrast support. I do know how much I depend on this function.

Not too bad a list. These things all sound like issues that can be overcome with testing and proper bug fixing. No one at Google is working on existing code it seems. I don’t know what the company is doing, but it is not putting resources toward their flagship products.

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