It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



France is rything over the attacks. People still have to go to work. People still have babies. Life must go on. These terrorists will not conquer that part of life.

Off topic on the Parise thing. I hate listening to podcasts when it comes to international tragedies. You basically get every single podcast talking about it and saying something because that is what all the cool podcasts are doing. So, you get a split in your entire podcast list of before tragedy and after. I do not mean to diminish, just pointing out something that annoys me.

Today we had a potluck lunch at work. I begged for help from my wife and a couple other people .I signed up for banana pudding. The only store within walking distance to work at the moment that has a bakery is Whole Foods. I paid a fortune for 10 tubs of vanilla (could have been any flavor except banana). I had to walk over there and sneakernet it back to work. I did get to eat one of the little tubs and it was pretty good. Heavy. Tasted homemade. No complaints. There were tons of desserts. Tons of entries. I did get two deviled eggs. I tried some beans and rice that was not very good. The beans sort of popped when you bit them. Unpleasant.

Every time I listen to Star Trek Outpost episode, I lose myself in a fantasy world of dealing with the Empire, I mean Starfleet as a peaon/cog.

I keep hearing advertisements for monthly razor companies. The numbers don’t seem to add up. That is it doesn’t seem like any of the places are cheaper. They are just more convenient I guess that having to go get razors. I like the 2 blade disposable razors from Sam’s Club. Anything more than that, is lost on me.

Another act of terror? Well, no. I wonder if people are just being crazy right now.

This is just the way it works from now on. Police will have to second guess every single move and deal with the lawsuits. Sad.

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