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Lunch Conversation

  • Fascism vs Communism
    • The ideologies are not that far apart, but they approached reality from opposite directions.
    • They both used the proletariat to control the populous (turn in your neighbor)
    • They were both based on hand everything to the government and then get yours from the government.
    • They both killed people who disagreed with them.
    • They both suppressed speech on mass.
    • Fascism wanted to bring back the old days of imperialism.
    • Communism wanted to usher in a new era of imperialism.
  • Conspiracy theories in general
    • Moon landings, Why don’t they just aim Hubbell over there and prove it, because the nuts would just say the photos were doctored.
    • Glad I’m not (always) the loudest touter of conspiracy theories.
  • Kids
    • One of our group has a kid traveling the world with his school.
    • His kids education is costing more than his university ever did.
    • Engineering takes 5 years worth of university and has for generations.
    • Saw one of their busses broken down this morning.
    • One of the guy’s kids chose a short major (mathematics) with the fewest classes per semester so she could take dancing classes as much as possible.
  • New Zealand is cool, but it really is all about the Hobbits.
  • Homemade applesauce
  • Attacks in France (Beirut not mentioned)
  • Gremlins movie is still watchable after all these years
    • Knitting leg warmers. I have to admit the conversation was ... wow.
    • Some group (A Key and Peele) did a comedy pitch for Gremlins sequil.

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