It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.




I’m hooked. I found a brand called 511. It is tactical stuff. That is, it is designed for cops and security.
  • The boots (which I just bought) are pretty dang good. You don’t really need to break them in. You can buy them and work a full shift.
  • The belt I bought is still 100% even after several months.
  • The backpack I got still looks like the day I bought it even though it has already outlasted several past backpacks.
They want money for this stuff and it is all made in other countries, but it is good quality so far. I will be a repeat customer when my next need arises. There are other brands that make similar products. I may have to do some homework and find some in my price range.

Syria. Oh, how we are sick of hearing your troubles in the news.

Are the days of “Fuck you! gimmy!” over. Perhaps not. Some police agencies will keep it under wraps better now though.

Adam Carolla is  down on Star Wars. He had a shit childhood and wants everyone else to find misery in life like he does. Well, fuck him. I’m happy about it and I just don’t care how miserable he was. I have something in my life that doesn’t suck and I will celebrate it as I see fit.

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