It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



New choppers. I hope those iPads are waterproof. =]

What is it going to take to get slippery Hillary behind bars? Now she is handing out classified information. Is this the smoking gun that lead to Benghazi? What if this email is the one that kicked off the raid on the compound that got our people killed.

Skynet. Only it is called the internet of everything.

Holly shit. The impending cluster fuck is so bad that they want to smear the blame around. Our government is about to fail and no one want’s to be the pointee of fingers when it does. This really is a tell that martial law or something along that level is coming.

The rebel thing didn't work. Let's try something else like surrendering to Russia.
More, ISIS/ISISL gains ground.

I listened to a Planet Money podcast asking the question “Why are we using signatures for identification?” I love it. I’ve thought this myself. ... First thing up, It was the Jews! It is in the Talmud. No idea if they came up with it. Many hundreds of years ago, it was great because in your head and difficult to steel. Signatures are just not checked by anyone any more. I suppose they could use recognition software to do it, but it is just all shit now. It turns out that credit cards will hold stores responsible for a fraudulent transaction. Chip and pin is far more effective.

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