It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



ISIS on the up. No longer the JV team. ISIS probably feels the clock ticking because the US will not have Obama as president forever.

Well, someone is actually looking in to the Clinton email scandal. That’s good news. “Not political” my ass.

Russians clearing out their airspace. Gee, it sounds like the Russians are not interested in bullshit. It really sounds like they will soon shot down one of our aircraft (probably a drone) just to provoke a reaction.

I remember blogging about this very thing years ago. The primary thing holding back autonomous cars is liability. it is like they want the courts to figure it out before the technology is allowed to kill people. I think this is also why car ownership is going out the window. You will pay for a service or ala carte for rides instead of owning a car, because whomever made it, or programmed it is going to have to keep responsibility for that vehicle and keeping it road worthy for its entire lifespan.

You know, I could sit there and play with all the photo filters on my phone until the end of time. Fortunately, bodily needs call and stop me from discovering eternity in a still collection of distorted photos.

I knew a girl who was blind in her left eye. Her left front and right rear fenders were repeatedly smashed up. She was a menes. I know someone else who is blind in their left eye. To my knowledge, he has never been in an accident.

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