It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Man, I miss the days we got more than 16 hours notification of outages. When I was in IT, we had to give days of advanced notice. It seems like some of the other entities in the company I work for do not live by such a credo.

One more time to not blindly follow your GPS without checking local information. What setting tells me who really controls an area?

At some point, you have to just stop paying everyone else’s bills and start paying your own. He is correct. This will happen in the U. S. in a couple years. Not tens of thousands, millions will show up with their hands out. I don’t mind people coming to my country as long as they have kept their record clean and intend to participate and not just mooch.

I have $8 in my account until the middle of the month. This fact apparently makes me hungry. Today at lunch time I was ravanis and my blood sugar was low. I took the company up on one of the free sodas and walked around the parking garage. I got to the roof and felt faint. My consuming of the sugar had kicked off a reaction in my body. I was seeing trails and stumbling. I made it back to my office and felt fine. It was just a one off thing. Still, my blood sugar should not have been that badly affected. Wil keep an eye on it.
As a side note, the Lord provided. Someone left a bunch of oatmeal in the lunchroom  Score!

Europe rarely makes a decision I like. The NSA’s logo should have headphones on with a wire running to every phone in the world.

Continuing the education at work. This time it was on consulting for our company. The 5 hours of education boiled down to communication, know your customer’s need and our solutions, oh, and communication. They could have summed this up in 15 minutes. The rest of the many hours was structure of responsibility and compensation more or less. Some on where to get education. They needed more real world examples, but all that is confidential.

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