It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I’m doing some more training videos lately. We have all year to do 40 hours of some kind of learning experience that applies to work. It is interesting. I’m not sure how effective it is. Still, I comply. I have videos playing in the background while I do some other work. Today was analytics and security.The guy talking was a paser. He wondered around stage like a hungry nomad. The camera operator had to chase him. It was funny to watch honestly. I actually watched part of the video. I did notice they cut to a bunch of his slides, more than the other presenters. By the end, they had zoomed out to most of the entire stage.

I almost lost my coffee cup. I have a coffee cup from REI. it doubles as a french press. That feature came in very handy a while ago when the coffee maker went on the fritz in the lunchroom and the one in the back was way over used. I took my cup to the sink to wash it and left it there for a couple hours because I was distracted by free (and good) pumpkin bread.

I heard someone on a podcast call sodas the new smoking. The drinking of sodas is being ostracized much the same way smoking has been over the last several years. Since I listened to this podcast, it has been easier for me to say no to sodas. i just don’t want one. Even when I have a craving for a hit of caffeine, I crave coffee. I guess that is next. They will have us all down to bread and water in no time.

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