It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



About time Japan joined the party. Things are escalating at a ridiculous rate. I wonder if the Illuminati have finally decided this generation needs a cull.

Wolves at the door. $70 minimum wage company still going, but the Huns are at the gate.

I kind of look forward to this battle. I want to see these two go toe to toe.

It has gotten to the point I expect the FBI to fly surveillance over riots and similar happenings. I would be surprised if they didn’t.

100% chance of rain today and I had to run to the bank at lunch time. I can’t drive so I had to walk. I did not get wet. This rain storm is from a hurricane that hit Mexico. The hurricane thankfully fizzled before landfall. We are getting a bunch of rain, but it really seems that the worst of it goes around us so far. We need rain. There was some street flooding last weekend. There is more rain predicted for tomorrow. The radar looks intimidating. I’ll try to stay dry.

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