It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.




China complaining about that float by from yesterday. “That is our sovereign territory on that rock in the middle of an ocean. I wonder what our reply will be.

No one is going to spend money on a new big bomber unless they are bent over a barrel. I can’t wait until we are dependant on basically one fighter, the F-35, and something is found to be wrong. The normal action in peacetime is to ground that aircraft until an investigation can be done. However, the F-35 is the proverbial basket we are putting all our fighter jets in to. Should make for some religious pilots.

When you start asking for loyalty pledges, you have already been in trouble for a while. China is going through a very tough spot at the moment. I did not know it included a restrictive moral side. It sounds like people already sick of the government’s shit is going to get far more sick of it before the end of this. perhaps, even intolerant.

In this case, ignore = ignorance.

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