It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I like F-16s. I just think they are cool. I hear they are a dream to fly. They have been upgraded several times.

“But I really want to believe Israel is evil.” I’m paraphrasing. Still it is just fake and inaccurate, and opinionated.,
and divisive, but it is their opinion, so that makes if fact, right?

Sometimes it feels like the world is out to get you. I walked past three water coolers this morning. One was full, the other two were empty. I cannot, for some unknown reason, walk past an empty water cooler without swapping out the bottle. I ran around and quickly swapped the bottles out before a meeting. Still made the meeting. I’ve never done 2 in a row before. Guess it was just time.

The states will figure out that that no payments for a couple years thing is going to bite them in the butt on Obama Care.

I remember standing desks at my old employer. This never would have floane for safety concerns. Still, I like the idea of a treadmill desk. I’ve considered a bicycle desk that would require pedaling or not let me surf the net or watch TV.

Amazing how expensive golf is these days. That kind of money might buy justice.

I want a tank. Should be some shaking loose pretty soon.

Sandars. Blekh!

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