It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Hit and run. I think Russia made their point. More.
Let’s hope this is the end of a very bad thing. Africa has had more than her share of trouble from local groups of all bends.

“But we had a bunch of meetings.” Talking about talking is not doing something. I wish management would understand this.

Ice age coming. Maybe. Briton will take a hit regardless.

Worse than just leaving it alone. Thanks EPA. And this crap gums up engines. And it makes gas not last long in a tank. And it costs more. And it dilutes the amount of energy in the fuel so it is less efficient.

She is just too connected to be arrested.  Obama does not get to choose who is innocent and who is guilty. At least not in a nation of laws. What laws have been broken?

I cannot rely on my muscle memory (whatever it is really called) to remember and type in correctly my password. If I have anything else on my mind or someone looking over my shoulder, I will mess it up every time.
The fix is to slow down and concentrate on the keystrokes. It is faster to slow down in the first place and concentrate than it is to get it wrong and have to start over. I found that switching to the swipe keyboard on Android that requires a tap and hold for numbers actually reduced my retries because I have to slow down and get it right the first time or start over. The Samsung keyboard has the numbers as separate spots on the screen and thus I can hurry up and mess up the entry 5 times in a row and lock myself out of my phone. With the swipe keyboard, I’m so pissed off on the second try that I stop and pay attention.
I cannot figure out how to translate this to the PC keyboard yet. I type like a machinegun and put in typoes about every third word. With a password it is many times that rate of failure. Just slowing down a little bit causes a significant drop in types all round.

The only time I’ve ever wanted an Egg McMuffin is after Mcdonald’s had already stopped serving breakfast. Well, I had one for lunch today. It was the same sandwich I remembered from road trips. Greasy, but the dry muffin soaks it up. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I wonder if the Germans can recall their prime minister or whatever she is called. People are starting to get organized to oppose all the immigrants.

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