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Went to the urologist today. I expected tests and such. We did history and I got orders to drink 5 bottles of water every day (or refills of course) on top of everything else I drink. I’m already hitting 4 or so. This means even more trips to the bathroom. I hope no one freaks out.

The state of ignorance today. This is a nightmare. People are stupid. It really does remind me of the way I used to think about people who accepted the gospel without question. Think dammit. Think!

Is someone waking up from their nap? I think perhaps not. Is it perhaps that pressure has gotten to someone who needed prodding? That I believe is reality.

What a prewar looks like. Is war in this situation inevitable? Is it needed? Is there any chance of peace in the middle east without the destruction of Israel?

I disagree on at least one front with the president including gay marriage. Does this make me a terrorist?

Until I can operate my own armed drone, I will insist on my second amendment rights. Dron is a verb for goodness sake. I like the idea of RPW (Remote Piloted Weapons). I agree that that ship has sailed.

Yes Virginia, the world is out to get us. We gave up our power when we elected a cheerleader instead of a leader.

Someone pays for everything. Even in Socialism, Communism and all the rest.

New VERY expensive toys. The F-35 is jacked. We are stuck with it for a long time.

Lunch conversation. I was not on my game today. I didn’t retain much of the conversation. Still had a great time with the coworkers in our quippish conversation.
  • My facial hair
    • Shaved it because I’m sick of the gray and Nat won’t let me dye it.
    • I’ll grow it back eventually.
  • Work
    • Some history of our division
    • Don’t want to talk shop (thank you) at lunch if one can help it.
    • Used to have training facilities, but not so much any more.
  • Traveling for work
    • Thank goodness for our company’s travel bans.
  • Brushing teeth
  • Month names
    • How much of a pain it must have been to have the local calendar not match the next county’s local calendar.
    • How much of a pain it must have been to have some distant monarch change the calendar without notice because some crony died.

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