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Thanksgiving 2014 adventures


Thanksgiving Dinner

For sale. You know, for plants.



Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I was very sick yesterday. I had a pain in my side and a slight fever. No, it wasn’t my appendix. Back at work today,but I’m not sure how long I will last. Part of me fantisizes that they will let us go home early today. Not holding my breath.

So, tyranny. When is enough, enough? Control of the press instead of freedom of same.

Heckler gets Obama to admit he changed the law. He admitted in that moment to executive edict.

This should make for far more interesting dash cam videos from Russia.

One less asshole.

Book I just read

DB-Matheson_ Richard I am legend DB47903
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Quick read. Made me think a lot about all the end of the world scenarios that have hit media in the last couple decades. This came out in the seventies.

I did not know this was a short story or novelette. I thought it was a whole novel. Imagine my surprise when the book ended with several hours to go on the audio book. One way to prevent people from skipping to the end I guess. Most of the other stories were at least interesting, but some were downright annoying. People used to have a fear of someone being able to harm you through the phone.

This is the station wagon they mention in the story I'm pretty sure. It is more like a Chevy suburban than a typical station wagon. Looks more like an old Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Very different from the book.



I like riding in with Bill in the morning. We swap stories about things that happened over the span of our lives. I do not have many stories. I’m 45 and there are just not many stories in the queue when I hold conversations. This morning I told a story about a flood when I was a kid. I had to censor some bits because I do not like myself as a kid. I was damaged. I’m so much better now. It has taken a lifetime to get here.

I got to play manager today. I ran a meeting. Took notes and everything. Even handled a follow up conference call. Had this odd urge to play 9 holes of golf, but resisted.

Twitter version of above paragraph
I got to play manager today. I ran a meeting. Even handled a follow up conference call. Had an urge to play 9 holes.

Nocebo effect. This is where someone says you will get sick if you eat that gluten and you eat gluten and get sick. There is a blocker you can take that will block the effect. and indeed the sensitivity to pain.

Apparently, the cure for Ebola is Bill Cosby being accused of sexual assault. (From Penn Sunday School)

Desert is served


My favorite Linux flavor is Ubuntu

Kelly killing more ants


Late night commute




Obamacare lawsuit. Someone is getting tired of the make it up as you go approach of our president. The president of the U. S. does not the ability to change laws approved or disapproved by Congress. More.

The answer is “what negotiations?” Iran is telling the U. S. how it is going to be and the U. S. is saying OK. More.

Poor bastard. The distraction is too much to work there any longer. He would work in crosshairs every day if he stayed.

Just amazing. I could not sing the Canadian anthem. I might take the time to learn.

“Bisier than a one legged bobcat covering up its own crap on a frozen pond.” Heard on NPR in a story about cattle rustling in Oklahoma.

I got another Amber Alert in a meeting today. I have to say that they pick poor times for me. Seems like half the alerts I’ve received are in the middle of a meeting.

Remember the days of having to break files up in to floppy sized chunks? I remember someone having a video file that was 32 1.44mb floppies long. I just made a compressed 5.2 gigabyte file and shoved it across a network that travels across the state of Texas without batting an eyelash. That wouldn’t even fit on a standard DVD disk.

I just read that the difference between truth and making stuff up is the direction the thoughts travel in your brain. Apparently we have a forward path in our brain for reality. A physical path for thoughts to travel. Everything goes in and then things start coming back out as we make ourselves creative.

Gout, the disease no one freigging understands. Every food chart has 9 different numbers for how bad they are for you. The experts say “Well, you just have to play with your diet to find out what works for you.” “You only have control over about 30% of your gout via diet.”



The Oil Sands called Keystone Pipeline. No pipeline is not a win for the Green Party. Without a pipeline trains have taken the oil where it needs to go. Well, that and oil tankers. Trains derail. Way to go greenies. The rest of the world wants it pretty bad. ... Falling apart.

Wasn’t there a lawsuit over this? Am I thinking of something else Facebook botched?

How many women do I know who have done this very thing.

Interesting idea.

Sunrise runnerup


Good with silk and sugar



Will anything come of this? What if they find absolute cowardice and treason? Who is going to tell the president?

Linch him or we riot. Not a way to run a country.

It is going to take a generation to get past this government.

I remember Apple fans saying big phones suckd and were more useless than useful. Then, the day Apple came out with a big phone, they all collectively sighed “Thank God!” at the same time. it is the brand, not the products people seem to be in love with. That will indeed fade.

The U. S. will not negotiate with terrorists! Well we won’t take military action. Well, we won’t pay ransoms. Well, shit.

Heard someone speaking about this in the hall. Otherwise I may not have ever heard about it at all.

But only the U. S. Citizenry will pay. None of the elite will give a rat’s ass.

Great Depression II

Japan is back in recession. Well, it never really left recession. japan has a different way of doing things. The whole world is in recession, but people in charge refuse to admit it. They wouldn’t want you think it is their fault or anything.

I wonder if I should live long enough if I will find out that historians call this era Great Depression II.

The only reason we are not calling it a depression is because we have redefined a depression in order to not call this a depression. So many people are out of work that studies come out saying many young people who would normally go in to the workforce say they do not define themselves by a career. They may never do so when you consider how often people have to change jobs now in order to pay the bills.

The work ethic of the U. S. is being redefined. People used to introduce themselves by their name followed by their occupation. Now, people do not do this. you are lucky to hear any qualifiers used to group people. Political correctness should be called a war on labels. Indeed, “label” has become a bad word.

Buzz words are used on resumes in order to throw those resumes out. People doing the hiring look for reasons to discard resumes just as much as reasons to hire someone.

The economy shows all talk about the lack of inflation. Many countries and currencies have pumped gobs of money in to the system. This has inflated the overall system, but people are not buying so the effect of higher prices has not hit. They will hit all at once. We will go from this point to a massive spike in inflation that catches everyone out of balance.

Retail will undergo a transformation to kiosks or your personal device where you pick what you want off a list and go through the payment process without human contact. There may be a web interface to someone in another country to handle anomalies or not. You will buy things in the high street from someone in India who doesn’t have a clue if it makes you look fat because everyone in America looks fat to them.

Truckers will be replaced with robots driving the trucks. Teamsters will still be employed to watch robotic forklifts load and unload cargo because it is just more safe that way.

Erin's scarf



Went to breakfast this morning. Some days we go to a place like Dunkin Donuts and grab some sandwiches and hashbrowns. It is nice to get something to eat, but it is running in to some bucks. I didn’t even think of fixing a cup of coffee this morning.

My head hurts from sinus stuff. The weather recently has been up and down in pressure. No sooner do I feel like I’m getting over something than it wallops me again.

Twitter is at junk status. I believe they prefer non investment status.

Just heard that Facebook is working on an office only social network. I bet you log in to it using your Facebook account. Guess they plan on taking on Linkedin. I hope the interface is better than Linkedin. I do not like trying to get around in Linkedin. There is something unintuitive about it for me at least. I just don’t get the motivation behind some of the choices and turns you have to make in the interface to get to messages and to figure out where messages came from. I bet the consulted HR people at some point. That just smells like (PC)3 to me.

This stuff just looks bad. I know this sort of thing could happen to anyone.

I mistype my password so often on the first try that I’ve gotten in the habit of just wiping out the first attempt without trying it and starting over.

Animals swiping your GoPro is becoming a meme. I like this one. It is cute.

Today's doodle


Our lovely artist


Today's cup



One of the guys at work was talking about someone who showed him how to destroy his OS with a single click. His computer died and he had to reconstruct his OS. No warning. No are you sure. He had to reconstruct his OS and was able to pull files off the old hard drive. It made me think of my phone upgrade recently and not long before that doing a factory reset to fix some issues.  It freaked me out that I don’t keep much on my phone. Everything including most of my settings is kept in the cloud.

My cusin, the ex-cop, purchased a tiny drone. It does HD and she is going to put a laser pointer on it to do strafing runs on her cats. I told her to get a YouTube channel.

Surely, they can teach these automated landing craft not to park below a cliff where it can’t charge the batteries? This does not make me feel good about the whole automated car thing. Ten year mission in the toilet..

Diary of a Wimpy Kid came up in conversation today. Hadn’t heard of it until today.

At some point, you have to pay for your own shit. The goal of ACA is socialized medicine. Socialized medicine basically means the government says who lives and who dies. All decisions from that point become moot except “Are you going to kill me?”

Word of the day cherubic

Out the Carolla window

Smells sweet, tasts bitter.



Wonder why all that talk about attacking overseas bank accounts of U. S. companies went? Wonder why we are having a jobless recovery? Wonder no more?

The first cold day of Winter came today. We do not feel the winter so harshly where I live. We get humidity in Summer. Then comes rain and cold. Then comes a few lumps of warm enough to wear light jackets weather. Then comes spring, which lasts about a week. Then we are back to Summer. Typically people switch straight from air conditioning to heat and back again without cracking a window.

I want my tombstone to read “I wish I had spent more time at work.” Just because that is what everyone says no one says when they die.

I have a first world issue. When I take my laptop off the docking station at work, I go from Ethernet to wifi. That changes my IP and causes all my connections like SSH and such to hang. I have to kill all my connections and login again. This can be damaging for long processes. I have had to come accustomed to using the screen command to make sure my processes will survive a network disconnect. If anyone out there has a cure for this, let me know.

Winterizes Kelly

Bit weak. Nice scent


Complaining about work. Again.


Talk about redefining words or renaming a place as a direct attack on a people. Here it is in plain sight.

Well, when you bend over and bend over and bend over, funny, the people you bend over for start to expect you to bend over.

Another Vietnam, or two or three.

Peer Reviewed is a fancy way of saying you didn’t let people who disagree with you have a say.

Morning Adventures

Elle had to get to school early today. She was volunteered to sell coffee for some charity. The parents have to come in to the school to log kids in so they are ripe for plucking.

Nat asked Bill to come over and grab her. I rode along because it is a ride. It works out well because Bill rides past my work on his way to his job or home.

Bill pulls out of our street onto Westheimer. He clipped something in the road and pops his rear right tire. It was very interesting. His computer said the wrong tire. The sound as the tire lost air told us it was a different tire. He has been trying to get a mechanic to work on his tire sensors. Tehy are not working properly. No one wants to take his money it seems.

We ended up At TirePro just down the road. it is closed, but it is a driveway out of the way of all the traffic on Westheimer. This is not always possible when wooga-woogaing your way down a busy street in Houston. They are not big on shoulders here.

Bill starts emptying the trunk to get the spare. I’ve asked Nat to clean out our trunk for this very reason. It was a little chilly this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining. If it was, everything gets soaked. Not to mention how much extra time it takes.

We get the jack out and flux with the tire iron. it turns out the tire iron that came with the car will not work with his rims. It hits the rim before getting a good bite on the lug nuts. I need to check this against our car. it is ironic that we are right in front of a tire place. They didn’t open until 9 so they were not much help.

Nat picked us up and took Elle to school and me to work while Bill waited for the road side assist folks.He texted me the progress. By the time I made it to my desk, the road side folks had the spare on his car and he was off to the tire shop.

All is well. I feel really bad bugging Bill just to get him a flat tire for his trouble. He just got new tires no less.



How do I get a holding deal for the next ... oh fifteen twenty years?

Sunrise take 2





We had to lie about that turd of a bill, or no one would have fallen for it.

Didn’t expect this. The head editor is trying to protect some friends and driving her brand in to the ground.

Some new dirt on Benghazi. This is a hit against CBS. They are carrying water for their choice in leder. The worse he looks the worse they look.

I listened to a podcast about the Spanish Inquisition. It really is a time in the Western civilization we should all be ashamed of. The thing we should really be ashamed of is how Israel is being treated right now by descendants of the Inquisitors.

One thing about us not advancing as fast as we should, China will not have anyone to steal better designs from.

Well, they just walk across the border. no wonder we are lousy with spies.

Evernote web clipper thing basically doesn’t exist on Linux. Might as well not. You can take a screen shot or copy the URL. What a pack of cunts.


Sombody has to drink this stuff


Waiting at CVS


Beautiful ride in this morning. Weather was amazing. Cool and crisp. Funkey post storm looking cloud formations. Blue sky. Clean smell if you could get away from car exhaust.

They are laughing at the president finally. He has lost his base. I don’t say that to be mean. We should always feel safe laughing at those who are at the top of our government. The fact that the citizenry have been afraid to express themselves about the failures of our leaders has terrified me for a long time. Now that we are laughing at our current leader, perhaps we can disagree and limit the powers he holds over us as well.

Finally, a story I can believe in the media.

I can tell when I unplug my phone right after my alarm goes off at 4:45 and when I leave the house later in the morning. The charge indicator really is about 2 hours different.

Expelled Journalist from Russia.

IRS emails You know, people used to go to jail just for being misinformed and regurgitating that information to Congress. Right now, people working for the IRS are bold face telling Congress to fuck off and no one is going to jail. What does that say about our government.

Wanna watch this.

Iran bullshit. In Iran, they have the right to burn U. S. flags too.

Morning sky

Notes 2014-11-05

I opened up tabs in my browser today 15 times and forgot what they were for. That is how often I got interupted.

Why the Democrats lost and Republicans won. Basically people were fed up with the existing government and had few choices. Another opinion.

What will I be remembered for after I shuffle off this mortal coil? Perhaps a spelling mistake that ends the world.

DC legalizes marijuana, but it is still illegal in the U. S.. Well done us.

FAA all over this kind of thing. Warning, the link is talking about pornagraphy.