It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



The feedly Android app has some screwy things wrong with it.
  • When you use an external app and come back (screen reader) It dumps you back at the beginning. Very annoying.
  • If you let the screen blank by mistake, it takes an age for the phone to let you type type in your passkey.
  • Crashes quite a bit.

I’m hiding in the lab. Well, I’m actually doing some work. I’m waiting for a system to become unfucked.

Listening to a story on food stamps. They turn 50 this year. Not sure they are doing the job they were originally intended to do. My jury is still out on food stamps. It seems that boost to the economy is relied upon for a bunch of stores. I wonder what percentage of Wal-Mart’s yearly revenue is paid for by the food stamp program. No one says because it would look really bad. Market Place says it is $13,000,000,000 a year.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
The first two casualties in all battles is the battle plan of both sides.

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