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Thoughts on Racism

Racism is not only evil, it is just stupid and not applicable any longer. I believe humans are hardwired to accept racism if it is presented to them as they mature in to adults.

Human brains are designed to recognize patterns and apply those patterns to actions and results. This in combination with the power of suggestion makes racism easy to teach. Once learned, racism is very difficult to turn around due to the concept of overcoming existing investment and the fact that people make excuses for exceptions to make sure they fit in to existing patterns.

However, racism can be overcome. It can be reversed to zero. Unfortunately, it can be much more easily replaced with racism aimed in a different direction. Sometimes this is called reverse racism,  but it is simply the same gun aimed at a different target. More often than not, racism against one group is simply replaced with the same racism against another group because the same pattern reinforcement is being applied. (same gun, different target).

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