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The Cloud (SAAS)

I had a meeting today all about cloud. My company is big in doing the back end stuff for other companies that specialize in clouds. It turns out there is a huge market in private clouds. That is cloud stuff designed specifically for one company or government agency.

This list is from the point of view of the “why offer SAAS solutions”.

Why go Cloud (Software as a Service SAAS)
  • Tighter control over what features are offered
    • Faster to market
    • When a feature has outlived its usefulness, get rid of it.
    • Experiment with new features on the fly
  • Keep your client’s data on your servers
    • Clients come to you when they want their data
    • Clients share their data through you
  • Scalability
    • Pay for what you use
    • Need to triple your size at Christmas time?
    • Need to halve your size after the basketball season ends?
  • Support
    • Silent upgrades of hardware and software without user interaction
    • No more “I don’t want to upgrade because i’m afraid it will break something.”
    • You know what version of the software everyone is using when they call. That is more important than it sounds.
  • Centralized security
    • No point in putting data on a thumb drive because you can share with authorized people via the cloud.
  • DRM control

The game industry really needs to start using SAAS architecture. They keep trying to support their own systems from start to finish and it just doesn’t work. I cannot help but think they could offload a bunch of it to another company that has experience in the tech. The game companies could then focus solely on the gaming experience.

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