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We are looking at TVs. Ours has a dark spot in it that is getting bigger. That is all. I don’t really want or need a “smart” TV or any new bullshit. I just need a monitor for our cable and video games.

You cannot reward hard work any more. Some kids just won’t or can’t make the grade so in order to prevent people from feeling bad for sucking at life, no one gets a reward.  Soon punishment will be the same. At what point will teching anything fall in to the same category? Well, with Common core, it has. No one learns consequences for their actions. Our future is screwed.

China has landed on the moon. Europe never has.

Listened to someone from Iran talk about building nuclear power plants. They are teaming with Russia to build the plants. It sounds like someone is making a lot of money off this.

using the voice recognition thing on Android to set a reminder is disappointing. It didn’t hear me correctly and it didn’t put in an audio reminder (beep me). I had to spend longer fixing things than it would have taken me just doing it with the GUI.

Working long hours. “Source of cheap labor” “cheaper”. yup. Could have written that part of the article. How about some solutions.

The following script simply reads from stdin, greps out some junk, and sends it to espeak for reading aloud.

while read line
    text=`echo "$text" | grep -v '^Share on Google Plus'`
    text=`echo "$text" | grep -v '^\[ save for later\]'`
    text=`echo "$text" | grep -v '//  keep unread  //  hide  //'`
    text=`echo "$text" | grep -v '^\+Tag$'`
    espeak -s 300 -- "$text"

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