It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



My phone is eating the battery more quickly than it used to. The scary thing is that I have three batteries that I rotate. I run them dead on Friday evenings and swap them every week. I try to treat them well. In short order, I will be forced to use a phone that does not have a removable battery. This is because they all have non removable batteries. This must be due to the drive to use the devices as tracking and monitoring devices. The only way to kill them is to pull the battery.

You have heard it a million times. Raising the minimum wage is bad for business. It is true. The minimum wage will go up. It will cost jobs. No one who will receive the votes from the people who want a raise give a shit.

The western world is becoming a part time world. I still put in 60 hour weeks occasionally. I routinely

Everything has risk. You have to weigh the risk against the potential return. Spread the risk and timing. Diversify. Cash isn’t worth as much tomorrow as it is today. There is no safe haven.

There is more to heaven and earth than meets the eye. There are things we know we don’t know. Live your life and fear your life. For a price you can learn. The price is enormous. The price is knowing. Know there is more. Pay the price.

It is getting to the point that there is no way to communicate to everyone.  Was there ever a way to communicate to everyone? Could even depending on neighbors have ever gotten everyone or even 95%? TV, phones, bullhorns, writing on the surface of clouds. Would any of these work well to communicate critical information to the vast majority of people?

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