It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



They moved our vending machines at work. They were in a hallway that ended up being very cramped when 2 people had tgo pass one another. They moved them to the lunch room where there is much more room. One of the guys walked by and hollered “AAAA!” Then laughed at himself.

I’ve used shoutcast for years. It seems to have finally crumbled. I cannot get to my favorite search any longer. That search is “oter” or “old time radio”. Itis old radio programs from the 1920’s and up.  Drama, comedy and all kinds of everything. If you like shows like Twilight Zone, you would love these old shows. This is where they got some of the ideas. Fortunately they stuck a link on the table of contents down a few. It is under “Talk”

I wonder if I would be worse off if I could see. I easily picture myself as a blue color stiff in a dead end job.

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