It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Then came Tuesday. No one remembers to plan for Tuesday.

PowerPoint is a great way to lie to a group of people.

There is a news article saying a bunch of Linksys routers have been infected with a bad software. There are a ton of them. I always turned off my remote access unless I absolutely needed it. This one uses remote management. It just seemed like a bad idea to leave that running to me. Some bad guys out there are using home routers to do attacks on banks and other industry.When will dishwashers have to be hardened? I suppose they already do if they have an IP.

India is putting together a Mars mission for about 75% of the cost of the movie Gravity. Good on them I say. Proof that movie budgets are bat shit crazy.

Red Flag Linux is dead. China no longer needs Red Flag Linux because they have hooks in all the OS software sold in China.

Banks are complaining about having to upgrade from 1980’;s technology in order to speed payments from 3 days to 10 seconds like every other goddamn country everywhere. You can use your mobile phone to send money to someone else’s phone all over the world, except not in the U. S.. Some leader we are.

Now I know when is the best time to invade Switzerland. Why would you hijack a plane and decide to go to Switzerland? Not the most forgiving or open minded country on Earth.

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