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Spoke with a coworker at the toaster about cameras for ten minutes this morning. It was a nice break. I was warming up some Pop Tarts. They only have Strawberry. Ugh, vending machines.

When is the last time you used email for chatting with a friend or family? I only get spam and bill notifications in my email these days. That sort of thing will kill Facebook and Twitter. At some point people will not have email addresses any longer because they are just not interested.

Many people who tweet as part of their job don’t write their tweets. If they do, they have to get them cleared first. Someone asked if there was bad tweet insurance. Sounds like a niche not fulfilled.

Drink more water. For fuck sake, not tap water. Filters are not good enough. Bottled water is lying to you about their quality. It will all kill you.

People with pets live longer. Except for the heightened level of fecal matter they ingest. Oh, and they have more respiratory infections. So make you live longer by exposing you to more infections.

People with kids say they are happier. They don’t live as long. They are sicker while they are alive. They don’t have as much money or free time. They have mounds more responsibility. The president calls children a burden, but has two of his own.

Getting out and just breathing fresh air does miracles for your health. Air is polluted so breathing will kill you. Not breathing will kill you.

People who read fiction live longer. They are not out bungy-jumping or wheelying dirt bikes across a footbridge. Aren’t most non fiction books self help books? Those folks have other issues.

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