It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I have to remind myself that a diary is more for recording opinion of what is going on or planned right now. Things like evernote are to keep organized. They have two far different purposes.

People bitch incessantly about the shaky cam of my blogs. I’m going to have to do post production shaky camera removal. I refuse to use the one in the camera because it shrinks the field of view to a postage stamp. I’ll figure it ou.

Last night, I cleared my Feedly. That is, I marked everything as read. I forgot that by doing this I also mark all my podcasts as read. I should figure out a way to separate the two in folders or something. Otherwise it goes from one clear to about five. That makes me not do it which means I end up not reading as much. First world problems.

Shall we take a look at the schedule today for Nat and the family?
  • Kid to school
  • Kelly to work
  • Eye doctor for the whole family at 12:45
  • Physical therapy in the morning.
  • The cat got sick so needed a trip to the vet first thing.
  • New uniform shirt for Elle's school picture.
  • Pick up cat.

Weekend in review
  • The carpet is ruined on the other end of the living room. The west end was ruined in a huricane and now the east end has been done in by a leaky fridge hose.
  • The cat is sick from the mold from the carpet.
  • We cleaned out the garage a bit to make room for living room stuff so we can get rid of the ruined carpet.
  • I had a birthday of my own.
  • Went to a friend’s birthday party.
  • Shot a video of trimming my beard. (stupid, but true)

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