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Lunch Conversation


  • Work
    • There was an uncomfortable moment where two folks spoke of work and just dominated the conversation while spouting a one side what to do when they get back from work.
    • Something about schedules, I wasn’t listening.
  • Cool Hand Look
    • Relating to a challenge of eating 50 McNuggets in one sitting without puking.
  • Robby the Robot
    • One of the folks is from France. He hadn’t heard of robby or “Danger Will Robinson!”
  • Glasses
    • Contacts vs glasses and getting old
    • Glasses and prices
    • Different glasses for different needs
    • Finding eye doctors who will work with you to get something that works.
  • Other groups of lunch goers at our company
    • We are the old group
    • They are the youngon group
    • There is some cross contamination.
  • Greg and eye walk slow.
  • One of the guys I like from the new company is headed back to England
    • Flooding in the south of the UK.
    • Wettest winter in UK records
  • American school curriculum vs British school curriculum. (second week in a row)
  • Something about video games, I wasn’t listening.

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