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London Area Flooding

I’m listening to the BBC talk about flooding in the London area. They are not far from Heathrow. It sounds like the radio stories from Louisiana during the hurricanes. The prevailing winds have changed a bit it sounds like. They keep saying this mess just might be the new normal because of global warming. Then, they talk about the same thing happened some time in the 50’s but people live in the flood prone areas more often these day

When yuo try to fix one place that floods, someone else takes the brunt of the next flood. That is, there will be the same amount of water running though, but different places will get flooded because the last place that got flooded got some public money and got “fixed”. Now, someone else has to deal with it.

I learned this by living in South Houston. The same thing goes on here. Our street flooded. Something was done to fix it and then someone elses street flooded next time. Sometimes it is just opening a gate somewhere that will save a neighborhood. Of course, the farmers or the EPA have something to say about which gates are opened or closed. Someone in Washington making the decision to save a field full of crickets at the expense of flooding out your home will piss off even the most leftist homeowner. There are never guarantees.

I feel their pain. Water did come in our house more than once while I was growing up. We have had water damage out our current house. It is maddening how much damage a single bucket worth of water does to a modern house.

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