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Adding a shit ton of nodes to Evernote. Links anyway. I have already noticed one benefit. The fact that I’m going through several links makes me remove some old dead links and want to  look up some new ones. Also, I envision a great way to keep track of what happened at events better using this. I can link events, conversations and people. Nice.

Place firmly in the “could only be true because no one would believe it if it were made up.” category.
Obama’s pot dealer from high school  bludgeoned to death by gay lover. I like the final paragraph. If this sort of thing had happened to a Republican it would have been common knowledge in 2008.

I just don’t think the Republicans are any better than the Democrats. They are all pro big government. I think the government of the country in which people live should have the people’s back. our current government just doesn’t seem to fill that roll. So many countries are governed by people who think the people of that country only exist to give them power. It makes me ill.

The era of the macro lense coughed up “Attack of the Crab Monsters”. Also that one about giant ants. Well done macro lenses.

There is a theme in science fiction recently that says some people have a consciousness and some do not. This is why it is impossible to isolate consciousness in the brain. Some people are just empty biological machines. The idea of some people not having soules has been around for a long time. Usually, they are born with a soul and then lose it or abandon it at some point.

I’ve tried using the Movie Player in Red Hat 6.x linux with appropriate plugin for MP3s at work. It works, but every time any other program accesses the sound, the MP3 pauses, or crashes. I put DMMS on the system and finally installed the correct MP3 RPM and that works. What a huge difference. Not even a hiccup when other programs access the sound. Well, some programs are crap for sound. That is Red Hat. Media just seems to not be a priority.

Bill Nye - Supporter of Eugenics?

Movie Spoilers. For when you just don’t want to watch a movie, but need to be able to talk about it.

If it works in the EU, it could work in the US. Stopping cars remotely. It usually boils down to modifying all cars to stop the couple that are used for running from police. Ford Motor Credit has hinted in the past that they want a GPS tracker in all cars they have a loan on regardless of the person taking out the loan. If Ford does it, they all will. Not sure I would care on my car or not. A remote kill switch would be too easily hacked. It is only one more step from this point to put a kill switch in as well.

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