It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Link rot: When a link on the internet goes dead. There are several entities trying to make archives of the internet to prevent link rot. This is a good idea, but there will be hijacking involved. It is already happening with pure URLs. Where there is a buck there is a crook.

I can barely remember walking in this morning. I did something unique this morning as well. i tied my coat to my backpack. It dangled the whole way. It became annoying even. That is it. I don’t really remember much else. I have come to the point where all my walks or commutes meld in to one trip that has many different attributes. I suppose this is inevitable.

Bitcoin Arrests. I really want Bitcoin to succeed. I like the idea of an international currency not owned by people in power. These guys are screwing it up.

Cop of the future. I’ve noticed some of this stuff in practice online. Not all of it works as well as advertized.

Trying Evernote. No Linux client. There is an Android app. I have already made 10 notebooks, but only have 1 note. This is going to either be complex, or short lived. I’m already keeping a bunch of information in Google Docs, but it is not organized the same nor is it as easy to add media. I’m only interested in the free version of Evernotes and I am not familiar with the limitations there of. If anything, I have too many places to keep information.

The next time a celebrity asks you to give money to a cause, ask them how much they are #giving.

Ask me:
I ask Ken. He says ask Jesse.
I ask Jesse. He says ask Nick.
I ask Nick. He says ask Ken.
Guess that means no. =]

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