It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



12:00 - Walked across the street to Target to look at fans because my office is hot. They had 3 fans more or less. A box fan, a desktop fan and a stand (from the floor) fan. Didn’t get one. They were all open and looked like they had been repackaged. I hate that.

Sometimes I think I can just sit down and write something without really trying hard. Then I sit down and nothing comes. The same about fighting a dog or mountain lion. In my own head, I’m a warrior. In reality I’m a pudgy programmer.

Tracking protesters via mobile device. This was bound to happen. Tracking phones and texting based on location is old news. Next comes the speeding ticket based on GPS movements.

Video ideas
War on everything
Old podcast containing a rocket test “It ran for 3 minutes before it blue up.” Compare to my work.
  • lead in to Rasbury Pie
  • Lead in to quad copter

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