It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


A day in the life.

00:38 - Got up and urinated.
03:50 - Rolled over and looked at the clock for no reason. I was thankful I didn’t have to get up for about an hour. This is good sleep.
04:44 - Woke up and looked at clock. Not only does my alarm go off in 1 minute, but I don’t have to get up today until 06:00. Switched off 04:45 alarm, set alarm for 06:00
05:58 - Not kidding. Woke up and switched off alarm. Listened to audio book. Listening to fictional audio books is awesome at this point because my brain is sort of still in dream mode.
06:20 - Switched off audio book and jumped in shower.
06-50 - Ride (Bill) showed up.
07:15 - Dropped off Elle (approximately)
07:30 - Got to work (approximately)
10:30 - Started 15 minute meeting
10:55 - Got out of 15 minute meeting
12:10 - Lunch. Went to a Caribbean food place that opened up near work. The food was good. Not too pricy if you have the special. One of the guys hanging out outside the restaurant said we were the biggest group they had.
13:10(ish) - Back to work.
18:30 - Left work. Took bus.
19:05 - Got to CVS after calling Nat for a ride the rest of the way home.
19:33 - Nat showed up to give me a ride. We argued.
22:00(ish) - Went to bed.

The getting up before my alarm thing is not normal. It usually only happens once a month or so. It happened twice today. That has to be a personal record. This must be related to the recent time change. I hate daylight Savings Time. It is disruptive and unnecessary. Someone did a study saying that it costs more in heating and airconditioning than it saves in lighting. It was conceived to save on candles.

I need to do this more often.

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