It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Garage door diagnostics

Videos today

Yesterday, I felt I wanted to shoot a video. I put up a video Thursday from Thanksgiving. That felt pretty good. It was a good video I thought as well. Very me. No real substance, just the family doing some family stuff and a puppy.

I haven't been putting up a lot of videos lately. Work has been nuts. I have dozens of excuses. Give me a couple pages and I'll chew your ear off with them. I am starting to feel the need to yap again. It has been a while if I'm honest.

Something that happened today that may have helped more than I thought it would was the VirtualBox software I use to edit my videos got a new update. For several weeks, the VirtualBox software would not let me read from shared folders. I use a Windows Laptop with an Ubuntu client. The editing software I use varies from Kdenlive to several other Linux based software packages back to Kdenlive.

Well, an update came though today for VirtualBox that fixed the read from shared folders issue. I had been using an SD card reader via USB to edit my videos and then publish them. This kind of worked, but it was more of a pain in the ass than it sounds. The world seems easier to video now that my video editor is working again.

Funny how the little things work to stop you from getting the bigger things done. I considerate the vlog to be a big thing because if I didn't, it would never get done. sometimes you have to make choices.

No idea how much things will slack off after work starts again next week. I have not taken much time over the holidays. Things are going to stay nuts at work for the foreseeable future. I want to make more and better videos. It is true. I feel a great satisfaction from them. It doesn't seem to matter that I get so few hits.

Wish me luck. Give me some encouragement. It can only help.

Can you install a turbo after market?

I am addicted to this show.



We sat down today and tried to figure out how old our cat Merlin is. It was a bunch of back and forth. I suggested to Nat that she go look at my blog and search for Merlin. Well,she found him under new kitten. He came to us in 2006 around September. that  would make him about 7. He acts like a kitten so he seems much younger.

I'm watching Battle Languages. It is terrible. It is a bunch of explosions. /that makes it worth sitting though I suppose.

The little episode with Merlin made me remember just why I started the blog. I wand to keep track of my life. So many things get lost especially  between my ears. I need to just do some brain dumps on the blog ever y now and again about normal stuff going on. This will help me keep track as I get older and have an excuse to be as forgetful as I have been my whole life.


That looks freaking dangerous with the engine idling.


That looks freaking dangerous with the engine idling.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013


On vacation today. Work8ng. Nice to be needed

Merlin, don't get any ideas.


Goldfish and garage doors

First hot chocolate of the season

Out the window #rain


Tree's up

Up close and personal #RC

Ziptie repair


Ya, I'm a dork, but it's cold

Out the window #rain #weather


Free lunch for Thanksgiving.


Not quite the end of the world


Nom nomyno nom

Ironic headline

Their headline is as follows:
White House knew in March that site was running off the rails


That headline is extreamly ironic. There is a web development tool called Ruby on Rails. Everyone calls it "rails". it is a pretty good platform from the little I've used it.

I'm reading all over the place there is evidence that the White House knew the web page was shit before they ran with it. I've also heard through some blogs that the companies who signed on to help are shaking their heads over the ongoing bureaucracy People who work with our current administration say things like "People don't like telling him bad news." Him being Obama.

Hell of a way to run a government.

More dawn



AHA comparisons and complaints about a complex system


Sick, loaded on Niquil

Oh, is this your spot?


Worth while knowledge


Finally coming back to finish


On the way home

Today's philosophical moment

The difference between fear and respect. Respect, they defend you when you need it. Fear, they revel in your defeat.


Damn that flash is bright #squint


Q&A answer questions fom Social Media

In Universe 1.0, this would have caused a segfault.

Last seen across from me on the bus.

Chewing gum at night

Why I hit the "8" instead of the "I" half the time.



New hair


Online stuff

Saturday morning


Online resources

Twitter is for what is happening right now. No one will take you seriously on Twitter if you are not answering that question. Every time you stop and think about your surroundings, think about Tweeting it. They just went IPO so things are going to change.

Instapundit is Twitter for photos or is trying to be. Twitter is Twitter for photos.

Vime I think is Twitter for videos. I hear Twitter wants to do videos as well. This is probably why YouTube is finally being pulled in to Google+ after Google has threatened to do so for the last five years or so.

Tumblr is for keeping track of a project. If you are working on a TV show or something you might put up a Tumblr feed with interviews and behind the scenes pics and crap like that.

Redit is a place for bitching about what other people have said or done. Dodge Reditl. The people who use it are assholes.

LinkedIn is a place to put your living resume (CV). You advertise yourself for jobs here. I never really did anything with LinkedIn until I got the app on my phone.

Blogs in general are for drowning on at length about something. You, your beliefs, your job, your hobbies, who pisses you off, bitching about the neighbors, define what web pages do in your opinion.  and crying about how change is bad. All at once. I have a blog that no one reads (except you).

Facebook and Google+ are for normal people to share their photos of their kids and complain about work.


Rich liberals are shitting themselves when they find out what they are paying for next year’s insurance. I’m probably going to do the same and just plane blame the government even more than just overbearing cavity searches.

Napalm was developed at Harvard. It uses soap and other fatty acids to turn gasoline into a sticky jelly. It was first used in WWII.

If people are deprived of electric light, they will eventually settle to around 9 hours of sleep a night.


Fixing Wendy's sign



A day in the life.

00:38 - Got up and urinated.
03:50 - Rolled over and looked at the clock for no reason. I was thankful I didn’t have to get up for about an hour. This is good sleep.
04:44 - Woke up and looked at clock. Not only does my alarm go off in 1 minute, but I don’t have to get up today until 06:00. Switched off 04:45 alarm, set alarm for 06:00
05:58 - Not kidding. Woke up and switched off alarm. Listened to audio book. Listening to fictional audio books is awesome at this point because my brain is sort of still in dream mode.
06:20 - Switched off audio book and jumped in shower.
06-50 - Ride (Bill) showed up.
07:15 - Dropped off Elle (approximately)
07:30 - Got to work (approximately)
10:30 - Started 15 minute meeting
10:55 - Got out of 15 minute meeting
12:10 - Lunch. Went to a Caribbean food place that opened up near work. The food was good. Not too pricy if you have the special. One of the guys hanging out outside the restaurant said we were the biggest group they had.
13:10(ish) - Back to work.
18:30 - Left work. Took bus.
19:05 - Got to CVS after calling Nat for a ride the rest of the way home.
19:33 - Nat showed up to give me a ride. We argued.
22:00(ish) - Went to bed.

The getting up before my alarm thing is not normal. It usually only happens once a month or so. It happened twice today. That has to be a personal record. This must be related to the recent time change. I hate daylight Savings Time. It is disruptive and unnecessary. Someone did a study saying that it costs more in heating and airconditioning than it saves in lighting. It was conceived to save on candles.

I need to do this more often.


Lost the orange


Taken in the dark