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What’s in a name?

Someone renamed a file at work. That is, they changed the name of an output file of a build. That is something that happens every day. This one is a particular pain in my ass because it breaks my code. That’s fine. I’ll go fix it. Only, I find that people don’t want it fixed on our side of things because they think it should be fixed on the other side, the people who changed the name in the first place.

That’s fine, but I need my automated builds to work. The guy who can crack the whip will be back next Monday. meanwhile, I have to go fix things by hand via a symbolic links.

The files are on a remote server so I cannot go check for the file’s existence before choosing the name. The issue will randomly fix itself because no one tells me anything on these projects. They just bitch when they won’t build. I don’t have rights in either of the projcts where the error happens to make changes. I support a third over project that builds the other two. I have to make any fixes on the fly fourth hand with sed statements. Not efficient.

Welcome to another day in the work life of Kelly. I complain, but it is a living. I bet I have something in place well before the whip cracker gets back Monday.

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