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i made mashed potatoes last night. I only had powdered milk so that is what I used. I put in the powdered milk, then the water for the powdered milk. Then I put in the water for the instant mashed potatoes. Then I mixed and heated everything.

The concoction didn’t mix properly. It was dry. i had to add nearly a third more water to the mix. It still didn’t really gel in to smooth mashed potatoes.

The only thing I can think of is the powdered milk threw off the ability of the dried mashed potato mix to absorb the water. Perhaps I’ll have to mix the water, potato mix and then after mixing, add the pre-made powdered milk. That will give the potato mix the best opportunity to gel before getting hit by the milk.

They were still good, if a  bit chalky. A bit chalky is much better than watery.

FYI, this is today’s lunch conversation.

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