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Friday the 13th. Friday outweighs the whole 13th part in my book.

Los Alamos, the place where we design and build nuclear bombs, sits atop a fault. I heard this years ago, but just heard it again. The article was complaining about how much we are spending nuclear stuff. 16,000 employees and 90,000 contractors. funny thing about people who don’t work for a company or agency. They have no loyalty to that company or agency.

Pakistan has a very low opinion of the U. S.. Pew does poles. Well, randomly droning citizens of a country generates an enemy. Who knew?

Had lunch with the wife. She has a habit of still being at the house when she is supposed to be somewhere. We got a late start and the place we went to was still packed. I ended up running a smidge over an hour. Fortunately, I had come in early this morning and gotten a build done right before lunch. I was not stressed about taking a couple extra minutes.

A shoemaker makes shoes.
A cobbler repairs shoes.

I have been marathoning the third season of Walking Dead. It makes for some interesting dreams.

There I am in a bunker of some kind in the middle of a city. I have all these problems to solve. I have to live off my supplies and not make any noise. I have to decide who to trust and who to shoot. I have to find a way to get rid of waist and a way to acquire good water. Then, my geometry teacher shows up and tells me how I’m doing things wrong. What the hell does she know about zombie apocalypse survival?

Look up Redeye on Fox.

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