It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



We got new tables in the lunch room and conference rooms. For as long as knew the old company we only used fold up tables for everything. Only one of the conference rooms had a real conference table. The rest of them had nice fold up tables. I still don’t know where one finds nice (lacquered top) fold up tables. We had them. it has been 9 months since the transition. The office is finally really starting to feel like a different place. A better place if I’m honest. Still too many meetings.

Up to now, I’ve insisted, subconsciously, in writing my blog entries in Google Drive before publishing them. Once I threw the switch, gave myself permission to publish a blog entry without putting it in GDrive first, I noticed I started putting more smaller links and such on the blog. Lets give this a try for a while and find out how it goes. This came about because of the Blogger app on my phone. I could have put it on my old phone, but would have crashed. The new one handles all of this without breaking a sweat.

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