It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Lobbyists do not want to be called lobbyists any more. The word has a taint to it. These people do not want to tell their friends and relatives what they do for a living for fear of excommunication.

found out the move is not going to happen for a week or more. I now have a less cluttered office and a bunch of the IT crap is out of my office. Win.

I just got ripped off by the vending machine at work. We only pay a quarter for snacks. The dollar bill take stopped giving change. There was a sign on the machine for a while that warned people of this  The sign in gone, but the behavior continues. All these conspiracy theories go through my head I imagine the guy picking up the money is deliberately not fixing the machine because he is pocketing the change that I would have gotten. I’m thinking of contacting the vendor directly, but our company might get upset. My only recourse is to stop using the machines.

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