It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



In Google Drive Text Writer or whatever it is called, if you get a link stuck at the bottom of your page, it is there forever. You cannot get on both sides of it and get rid of it. I wonder how many documents in Google Drive have a hanging zero length link as the last character.

“How fast should the fans run?” -Heard at work today for the 900th time. It amazes me how much debate there is over this sort of thing. Everyone has good points.

One of the developers I don’t really work with has latched on to me as an IT person. He comes to me wit all his questions. Trouble is, I can usually answer them. I think we did the second round of “your password has expired” help this morning. I really hope this guy is good at whatever he does for the company.

I am weak. I had breakfast and lunch today. I think my out of pocket is $14. Bad Kelly. I’m also allegedly trying not to be fat. Fat and broke here I come.

Apple is not pulling its weight in the market. The idea of an Apple TV and a cheap iPhone have cost Apple a fortune. They never should have come out with a cheap iPhone. They have been premium brand. They are tarnishing their own flash.

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