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There is a truck that drives by my office every morning about 9:00. It blows its horn and sounds like a train. It reminds me of a friend named Heath. Once when he picked me up from work, he called me on the mobile and honked to hear his own horn from a distance. He was over a block away. It was one of those guy moments.

It turns out that monogamy in some animals came from females of a species living few and farther between. Territorial females made for monogamous relationships. Also, high infanticide upped the likelihood of monogamy as well. They also mention that humans may not be monogamous.

I had a little spike in my YouTube views. They went up to 300 plus for a day. I am not sure what video it was. The videos default to monthly averages. Perhaps I could dig a bit, but it is only about 100 more than normal and vanished the next couple days. Someone put a video of min up somewhere and it got some hits. Awesome. One of these days I’ll figure out how to track all that down.

My cousin's dog died. He was in Burning Man and didn’t know for a couple days because of shit phone coverage. I hear they are going to fix that at some point. The idea of having good phone coverage in Burning Man is kind of anti Burning Man. Still. Anyway, my cousin is pretty broken up about it. I can  believe it. No friend is more loyal. no friend is more forgiving. Rest in peace.

Some dinosaurs had orange feathers.

Toma means swelling.

My crap Android phone (not saying Android is crap, just my phone) will reboot if I leave it unhooked from an internet connection for more than 8 hours. This must be a programmed response for at least one of the installed apps. I’m sure it’s not built into the OS. The phone automatically connects itself to 3g after reboot. I consider this a bug and not a feature.

Lost Boys came out in 1987. I was 18.
Lunch conversation

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