It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

  • Sports
    • College football vs professional football.
    • College band antics and who has been banned from where.
  • TV
    • Breaking Bad has issues. One of our group hates the marital striph. Other than that, he is pretty hooked on the show.
    • Breaking Bad has ups and downs in the episodes.
  • How bad all the food at the place we ate is for you. Good, but terrible for you.
  • Games
    • Board game 1 had something to do with something about cards
    • Board game 2 had to do with territorial domination and took forever to play.
    • Monopoly is either luck, or skill depending on to whom you listen.
  • Video games
    • What was the first medium for Madden?
    • Madden 25 is out. Is that really 25 years of Madden?
      • You can play Madden with an ever increasing contract based pay as you go version or the old way

We ate at a Mexican place. I had enchiladas and they were smothered in beans, cheese and fat. I had a water at least. The afternoon really wanted to be topped off with a soda, but I resisted and drank water all day. I did leave the restaurant with one of those sugar cookies. I cannot leave a Mexican restaurant without getting one. I don’t know why. They cost way more than they are worth.

I had planned on walking around at lunch and perhaps shooting a vlog. I did not grab a soda for the walk. Had I grabbed a soda for the walk, I would have probably skipped the trip. I met everyone by happenstance in the elevator and was dragged kicking and screaming to eat the high calorie and fat meal against my will better judgement. And, I didn’t walk any further then the building to the car and the car to the restaurant.

Last week, I went to the doctor and found out I’m 220 lb.

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