It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Wreck this morning


The wreck on the way in this morning was pretty bad. No, it wasn't us. I’m not sure what happened, but I can speculate wildly without any real evidence. I fear some people died in that wreck. At least people were hurt so I do not want to make light of the situation. I can help but run through what happened in my head. That means you get to sit through it on the blog.

We were headed east on Westminster. In the turn lane on our side of the road was a cement truck that had been hit head on by a full size pickup. It looked like the cement truck was sitting still and the pickup had crossed over at speed and hit solidly the front of the cement truck. Both vehicles were badly damaged. The front of the pickup was raised above the massive bumper of the cement truck and had hit the grill, folding it in. The front of the pickup was all but swallowed by the front of the cement truck.

Another car was on the westbound side of Westheimer. It had been t-boned badly. The position it was in made it look like it was headed south on Dairy ashford and had been hit by the pickup. The pickup then went in to the front of the cement truck.

I have no way of knowing who, but someone appears to have run the red light or at least jumped it. The truck had to be going more than a few miles per hour judging only on the damage done to the t-boned vehicle. That doesn’t tell me who ran the light.

The other option for what might have happened involves unprotected left terns and I cannot wrap my head around the movements of vehicles well enough to write down my speculation.

Nat had a wreck (no injuries thank God) only last week and the scene upset her. That is understandable.

It turns out sa friend of ours has a store right there. The security camera on their store might have captured the wreck. That might help the investigation. It also might mean I can find out what happened. I’m highly curious. Maybe it is a sick fascination, but it is there nonetheless.

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