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I argue that leaving debug code in the project commented out for future archaeological bug hunters to stumble across is time saving and constructive. If one programmer had to figure it out, so will the next one. It does make for ugly code. Perhaps one of the code hiding tools should be implemented.

Lot of dark fictional podcasts lately. Not sure what is going on. Need to find something a bit lighter. Even the light podcasts feel like a downer lately. maybe it is me.

The DOJ is finally catching on that letting all the airlines combine down to 2 or 1 might cause the airlines to start acting like monopolies. Good old competition keeps the airlines honest and the politicians in the air. They have to deal with airlines every day after all.

There is a movement to hold bankers responsible instead of banks themselves for all the crap they pulled in the recent collapse. What a novel idea. If you fine a bank, it is a cost of business. If you toss some rich prick in the klink, it becomes a message. Maybe, the next rich prick will think twice before screwing millions of people at a throw.

There is a story on Marketplace about country club dorm rooms. I would have loved this stuff. You have shuttles for one thing. The rooms are geared for busy rich students. I think I could have concentrated much more on my studies in one of these places. Just saying.

Marketplace attributed 17 billion dollars to Apple’s value based on 2 tweets from just the right person. I think I got that right. What is the record for cush social manipulation? I need to wrangle more followers.

Spent half my day today tracking down version number issues. If you are not a programmer who works on projects touched by committees, you may not understand the version number conundrum. You would think the next number in the progression made sense for the next version of the software. No. You have to have digits that mean things. I don’t know why. A unique identifier is all that computers need. Only humans insist on having an at a glance use for the numbers in the version string.

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