It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



The powers that be are calling the Fort  Hood shooting workplace violence. This is so they don’t have to call it terrorism. I suppose they could do the same to what happened on September 11, 2001. All the people in both buildings were at work .The flight crew was at work. Most of the people on the plane were there for work. It was a commuter flight between the coasts. Think of all the problems that would solve. ... Assholes. They are just a pack of cowards who fear the paperwork of fixing something. Paperwork that they invented.

Military and police mashup. The Drug Cartels in Mexico and elsewhere are driving the U. S. government to move toward the warrior cop mentality. The Drug Cartels are entities that cannot be dealt with with tools like treaties and political pressure. They call this insurgent kind of warfare 4th Generation Warfare.

My candidate in 2016 is John Bolton. As for a running mate, I nominate his mustaches.

It blows my mind that people like traveling. I mean, even for work there are people who enjoy disrupting their lives and hauling off for points elsewhere just for a short time. I must just be a home body.

Department of justice to police itself again. We really are the freest nation in the world.

Walked by someone’s desk this afternoon. They asked me about making ID tags with a logo in MS Word. It turns out after page 3, the logos vanish. We sat down with it and it turns out the picture of the logo was massive. Shrunk it down (resized the image in an editor to use many fewer pixels) and Word started treating it much better. I hate Word. She told me “I’m so happy you walked by Kelly.” Glad I could help.

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