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I’m not a big believer in turning off advertisement. I do believe in not clicking on it. I have never deliberately clicked on an advertisement. That said, I did switch off scripting in the browser recently on my work computer. There was one site that popped up an advertisement and would not let me get to the content. It is a site I go to for research. I’m sure it was just another case of not testing in Firefox on Linux. The advertisement would pop up and take me to the page without clicking on the ad.  You click the back button and repeat the exercise. Killing scripting fixed the issue. I’ve noticed how much faster surfing the net is with scripting turned off. Everyone suffers because of one asshole. Such is the way of things.

There is a bag of pork jerky at the house. I had another bag of the same jerky. I ate the first back in 3 days. I’ve been trying to hold off on the second bag. I need to get the family to hide it from me.

People in the UK are arguing that antiterror laws be used to stop investigative journalists. That is, shut up the people working for the citizenry to keep an eye on their government. “States have to keep secrets.” This is evil. The people who think this should be removed from the governing class. This movement of a class of people taking over the world by edict has to stop. This kind of tyranny is becoming mainstream. The elite class of people think it is a good idea because they have walled themselves off from the people and want to reinforce the wall. The biggest punishment would be to remove them from inside the wall.

The Lone Ranger first popped up on radio in 1933. -Journey Into Podcast

The coffee machine at work is full of soap. I cannot drink the coffee out of it or I get diarrhea. TMI, I know. I got so fed up with not having coffee today that I just took my over sized coffee cup and put a filter full of coffee in it and boiling water.You know what, it worked. Not too bad. I know that cup has not had soap in it. I just use hot water to blow it out. It took too long and I burned the shit out of my fingers. next time I’ll tie a knot in the filter and dangle it from more of a distance. Lessons learned.

“You go to war with the president you have.” This is the battle cry for Syera. Not quite awe inspiring.

“When casting Batman, the chin is everything.” -Mark Kermode Put your hand over the top part of Ben Affleck's face and check out the chin. Don’t prejudge. I think Ben will suck just as bad at Batman as he has in pretty much everything else I’ve seen him in.

Every single version of the code is a release candidate until it isn’t. Everyone wants to add their number to the version number until you have a string that means nothing to anyone that you call the version of your software.

“The road to peace is paved with arms agreements.” Some U. S. government official on NPR. he was talking about the aid given to the Egyptian military.

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