It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I had a dream last night that someone hired a hitman on me. I was flattered someone would bother if I’m honest.

The Whistler, one of the old radio stories I listen to, was about Milton. He was a 45 year old accountant who was making $35 a week. The company retired hm at half salary. When was the last time someone could be expected to live on $17.50 a week? You can barely get a burger for $17.50 these days. He ended up taking it out on his wife by skipping out on and stealing her inheritance. He lost it all on some land prospect scam and getting pinned with a murder charge that he didn’t commit. Worse, the wife drags him back home.

Where are all those watch/phones I’ve read so many leaks about? I remember watching a Jetsons where Elroy watched a Flintstones cartoon on his watch in class and got in trouble. I need this to happen in my lifetime. ... They better be waterproof or no sale.

We had a pizza party thing at work today. I had a couple slices. I think they under bought because some folks were turned away. not sure what happened there. I think someone said they got 35 pizzas. I would have guessed that was enough. I didn’t stick around for the raffle. Someone said I won, but I had to be there to collect. Doh! I had gone back to work. Still, better than a stick in the eye. Once I heard what the prize wsaa, I was glad I missed out on it.

Some study said that students who take notes on a laptop or tablet end up learning less than people who take notes on paper. They said it boils down to distractions. I believe it. Maybe the problem is wifi and not note taking.

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