It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Too freaking busy today to even think about writing anything. So was Nat. She got a bunch done. How do families make it without someone doing the working and someone doing the running around?

Blackberry is up for sale. I remember people flipping their shit over Blackberry phones. They were the executive toy. The commentators are calling this the end of Blackberry. It looks like Android is the current winner. Apple is sliding off a cliff and no one seems to notice. The minute my parents bought iPhones, I knew the end was near for Apple.

Hassen, the guy who shot a bunch of people on a military base, says that the military pursuing the death penalty give him a second chance at martyrdom. His lawyers want out because he has said as much and they cannot help him achieve his goal in good faith. Mr Obama, are you sure this is workplace violence and not terrorism?

I am getting past the whole zombie thing. nearly done with it. The only long lasting exception is Walking Dead.

“I love animals. They’re delicious.” Ted Nugent.

My head hurts. It is sinus and/or ear infection. It will end up in the doctor’s office. I’ll end up on antibiotics. My life will boil down to stuff oozing out of me. ... again. It is just not fun.

I am not one in one thousand. I am not one in a million. I am myself. There is no on else who is me. I am unique. I am one of a kind.

One of the big bosses came round this afternoon just to shoot the breeze for a sec. Crazy. Don’t mind. She was just looking for a minute away from her desk. Made me feel better for some reason.

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