It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



After the car wreck, I’m looking into dash cams. They sell them in convenience stores in Russia. The insurance situation there is bat shit crazy. It would be nice to have footage of someone acting a fool before crashing.

Zinga games is having issues. They are the Farmville people. I hate those games because they have claimed my wife as a victim. How are they not making money? Facebook is fanning the flames of developers to get some competition in the market.

Windows NT is 20 years old. The Windows NT kernel is still in use today.

If today were the middle day of my life, what day would I die? 2013-07-31. That means I would kick the bucket at 89 or so. Not sure what I think of that.

The people doing the ice cream social thing today have to get building visitor badges. Funny, the delivery people don’t have to. Probably because they will start dropping off at the front door if they have to comply. They don’t have time to deal with that nonsense.

I got some kind of pineapple sherbet ice cream hybrid with nuts and Lucky Charm marshmallows.

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