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Labor Force Participation

My wife is a stay at home mom. That is a full time job, but the pay sucks.
Bill, Elle’s grandfather, is retired. He is indispensable help taking care of Elle.
My mother and father are both retired.
Two of my friends are cops. There is no such thing as part time police.
One is a nurs. I don’t know how that works but the work will increase without pay increasing to compensate just like everywhere else.
One friend owns his own metalwork business and has several employees. He kills himself to make things work. his employees are friends.
We have one person working part time at work who wants to work part time. That I know of, everyone else works full time and then some.
I’m in the labor force. I am technically disabled and could probably eek out a living on some kind of SSI or disability. I choose not to do so for as long as I can.
This morning I heard a couple numbers that make me worry. Something like 7 out of 10 new jobs added this year are part time. This removes people from the labor force, but may not provide a living. 90 million Americans are out of the labor force. I’m not sure of the criteria for those numbers. This cannot be the new way of things. People can’t live for long periods of time not making any money. They will starve. Who is going to pay all these new taxes and for healthcare?
Many of the part time jobs are due to the new healthcare reforms slamming into the economy this year. The minimum wage will go up soon if history is an indicator. That will hit people who can least afford to lose their job. Well, who can afford it?
Between large vending machines replacing fast food joints and autonomous cars replacing professional drivers, swaths of the labor force will be hitting the bricks in the next couple years.
It is going to be an interesting next ten or twenty years.

Healthcare and robots #politics
Me complaining about politics and the future.

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