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Some wonderful scientists are finally growing a liver in a lab. This is a human liver. They hope to start growing replacement organs in the lab to put in humans in the next few years. Very little chance of rejection on paper because it is your genetic code going back in. The difference is the new liver or kidney or heart is simply brand new.

The Mouse on my work Linux laptop has decided  to go ape shit. Not in a big way, just every now and then the sensitivity completely changes without notification. I have noticed docking and undocking can cause things like this, but it does it on its own now.

The only way I can remember its vs it’s is that the mark is not an apostrophe. It is the severed head of the “i” stuck between the contracting letters. Hey, I remember which is which that way as long as I remember to stop and think about it.

I hear coffee prices are dropping due to lowered demand. There is not enough storage for this year’s crop so they will have to dump it on the market and just let the price plummet. I for one approve of the market system in this case. I don’t even drink coffee at work any more. That is due to the making, not the coffee.

I have used 0.18GB on my Google Drive. That is listed as 1% of 15GB that I am aloud  for free. Considering I’ve used this for years and put pretty much everything on it, I need to do some more interesting and bit consuming things in order to catch up to the rest of the data hungry world.

Heard in a Kermode review - “The chasy and bitey bit is very chasy and bitey.” Love this guy’s movie reviews.

China has a city with a population of 14 million.

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