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Zero Hour contract in the UK sounds quite a bit like Right to Work in the US/Texas. They don’t fire you, they just cut your hours to 0. One of the big issues from employers I’ve heard in the past is that it is very difficult to fire people in the UK. Some say these contracts are really to lower unemployment numbers. I imagine it could be used as a precursor to outsourcing as well.

Phyllis Diller said (paraphrasing) - If anything is difficult, quit. Find something you like that you are good at and do that. I’m good at complaining. I should blog more.

The US government is the laughing stock of the world. it isn’t one person or one party. it is the ineptitude of career politicians. Our country is only surviving on the lack of strength of every other country in the world. We are simply not going to stay on top. If we don’t want it bad enough, we won’t get it.


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